How does it work?

Trigger the Workflow

Let's create one entry point for all your organization information, your workflow.
Design it, add triggers, actions, connectors, lookups, processing, anything you can think of... trigger it from anywhere* and acquire a document at the nearest capable device.
The workflow already starts without you as soon as it is triggered and will continue till the point the document is required, then it will wait for it in your workflow queue.
Unlock, anytime, a scan for it and your job is done, we will take care of the rest.


  • Multifunctional devices
  • Home scanners
  • Smartphone and Tablets



Design your workflow with an intuitive, easy designer. Add any triggers, actions, conditions to the model and make the max out of it with all our processing modules.


Simply start your workflow but here the new concept starts. We can start our workflow process from anywhere, the document scanning is not anymore the workflow entry point. When the workflow will require a document it will wait for you at any configured devices.


Access YOUR workflows from any capable device in a really simple way. Just unlock it, scan and fill additional metadata if required. Your workflow can now complete the processing.